IngressFS Nov 2019 HCMC, Vietnam

Highest AP gained belong to RES agent Vermilion12 with 284725 AP.

Connector prize go to ENL agent NTTDental with 140 links.

Capsule soccer game was postpone due to time mismanagement. As result, organizer lost a capsule 😉

Ingressfs vietnam nov 2019 group photo
IngressFS Vietnam nov 2019 connector prize

Operation Rice Fields: The Saga

One guy, 3 weeks off school, and a bit of a wanderlust… so, what do? Of course, backpacking around Mekong (Cuu Long) Delta for a BAF op! Planning started 2 weeks before the op, and after a ton of changes and different options, everything was set. Anchor points would be in Chau Doc, Ca Mau and Ho Chi Minh City, and after local players helped me with killing some block links, I was set.

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